Tonos más oscuros, los más ligeros...

Mixtape 01
his name is alive - sixteen cheers
foot and mouth - i want my mummy
hive mind - templar
twiggy and the k*mesons - we hare the boredom
kid606 - death is pain leaving the body
psychic tv - godstar
daniel meteo - the forest
billy bogus - nebula
percival pembroke - virgins
nova huta - auf duerrem eis (featuring luka skardovelli)
bad sector & tommaso lisa - mutua mutazione
laurel halo - dies ist ein
silicon teens - sun flight
latex - business machines
venetian snares - your smiling face
biosphere - turned to stone
wevie de crepon - the wobbler
negativland - yellow black and rectangular
grotto terrazza - trattoria nihil
connie converse - how sad how lovely